Thursday, May 31, 2012

Destiny's Fall

Topic:  How did you approach world building for this novel?

One of the best parts of writing a sequel is the chance to return to a much-loved world.  The first wisps of inspiration upon returning to the world of Destiny were the unsettled questions of my world.  Without giving away spoilers, the world played an important part in the first book of the series, Destiny’s Blood.  It’s a space-faring story, and featured many worlds with different cultures and belief systems.  As a lover of cultural anthropology and a professional storyteller, I’ve always been a fan of exploring the human element of world building, and how cultures and peoples interpret the world through their own lenses and life experiences.  I get to experience these various interpretations as I discover the world through my characters’ points of view (I love multiple points of view!)

The world of Destiny is hinged on Mirial, the First Star, cloaked in legends, myths and multiple interpretations.  The Solarian Empire, the greatest expended force in the known universe, believes it to be riddled with treachery and that it promises only destruction, or perhaps profitable trade.  The ether creatures, who rely on the First Star’s continuous flow of ether, believe the First Star brings both salvation while promising destruction.  And Layela, a child of Mirial who grew up in the Solarian Empire, and who can tap into the First Star like no one else, views the First Star as her prison.

The world of Destiny bloomed in the first book, Destiny’s Blood, but it blossomed in the second book, Destiny’s Fall. The third book promises even more world building and exploration, and I can’t wait to discover its other secrets!


A broken tradition. A hunted child. A rebellion that threatens to topple the very fabric of the universe. 

When Layela Delamores gives birth to her first child, the ether immediately rejects what should be its only heir. A wave of destruction sweeps the ether races and sparks Solaria’s ire and rebellion on Mirial. A new heir rises to take the throne of Mirial, one who wields tainted ether.

Unable to access the flow of ether, Layela is left with little choice but to flee Mirial, seeking answers that may no longer exist, prepared to sacrifice everything to free herself and her daughter from the clutches of the First Star.


 “Cap’ain!” her second-in-command, a short man named Larod, screamed.

 “Gun the engines, get us out!”

 “Solariers are telling us to stand down,” said Jaru, her systems analyst.

 “And I’m saying the docks need redecorating. Gun the engines!”

The two moved quickly to obey her order. The engines churned to life, the scent of rotten cabbage pumping through the entire ship. The ship jerked once and the engine popped, and her hull vibrated, resonating in Avienne’s skull.

 “Come on, you useless piece of crap!” She kicked the tactical controls and half the panel lights blinked out.

 “Blood and bones, I need to steal a better ship!” The engines sputtered and the ship stopped vibrating.

 “Engines online, Captain!” Jaru screamed. Avienne whooped and switched the viewport on. The entire metal structure of the docks buckled as they pulled free without first de-clamping, ripping great chunks of metal. The Dessicate’s engines kicked in full blast, throwing Avienne back into her seat. The docks swayed for a moment when the engine’s jet of hot hair struck them, then buckled sideways, and seemed to be righting themselves before suddenly collapsing in a heap of smoke and metal, dragging a few of the smaller ships down.

Avienne hissed. That made a nice, round ten worlds on which she would no longer be welcome. She was running out of planets to do business on.

“Where to, Captain?” Larod asked from navigations.

“Mirial. I believe it’s time to pay my brother a visit.”


 Marie will give away a signed eBook copy of Destiny's Blood (the first book in the series) to one randomly drawn commenter at every stop, and an autographed set of Destiny's Blood and Destiny's Fall in print (US and Canada only) or eBook (International) to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. 


  1. In reading the couple of posts so far, I think I am really looking forward to reading Destiny's Blood to see how the story begins and of course I have to continue to find out what comes next with Destiny's Fall. Thank you for sharing with us today a little bit of your journey :)