Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cat Allergies

One of the most common reasons people give for getting rid of their cat is cat allergies. For some its a convenient excuse because they are tired of the responsibility but for others its a very real issue. Several animal experts, including Bestfriends, have compiled lists of what can be done to help pet owners who have a family member with allergies but want to keep their four-legged friend.
If this is an issue for you, here are some things to try.
Brush your cat every day
Don't allow kitty in the bedroom
One school of thought: Serve high quality, natural cat food to prevent the escape of toxins through the cat's skin
Once a week, give your cat a bath
Run a HEPA air purifier
Talk to your physician about possible medications for allergies
Use furnace filters designed to catch pet dander
Vaccum frequently
Wash your hands after handling kitty or kitty's toys and bedding

'Sppt, patience is for the old and humility is for those not born to royalty.'~Prince Sittchuk Seth, ODIN CATS

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Anny Cook said...

Really? Tatting? I must dig my tatting shuttle out...

Sandra Cox said...

Sandra's shorthand for tattooing:)

Sandra Cox said...

My great aunt used to tat. (Not shorthand for tattooing:)

Unknown said...

That made me laugh my arse off Anny

Anonymous said...

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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

OMG! I love that photo! My German shepherd would do the same - that's how he licks his own cats! Wherever did you get that pic? And no, we have no cat allergies!

Anny Cook said...

PS: Thank you for the tips...

Unknown said...


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