Thursday, December 17, 2009

Odin Cats and Christmas

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.

Charles Dickens

Odin Cats: Fighting cats, known for their cunning and wisdom. Felines that have evolved intellectually into man’s equal. The royal Odins speak both English and Catonese and their average weight is a hundred pounds. The females can only produce one kit.

“I want to go!” Sittchuk-Seth’s plumy silver tail lashed back and forth, his jaw tight, his expression obstinate.
His father Thut sat upon his throne. His beautiful russet paws rested on the burnished gold arms of the regal chair, his expression both indulgent and annoyed. “What say you, Furrlin, shall we take this whelp of mine?” he asked the soothsayer.
Furrlin padded over to the blue crystal ball that stood in the corner near the throne. Standing on his hind legs, he rested his front paws on the crystal. The interior of the globe began to stir, to roll and flash in a prism of color. Furrlin stared unblinking into the ball as the blinding colors flashed. After a long moment, the storm of colors receded and once more lay dormant.
“Well,” demanded Thut.
Furrlin turned and shrugged. “His destiny is already written. Do what you will.” He dropped to his four paws and padded back to the king.