Monday, December 28, 2009

The Clean Up Brigade

Well the holidays are winding down and major pick up and clean up is in order at the Cox household. When Christmas Day rolls around, I give up any pretense of trying to stay on top of the housework. But now that the holiday is over its time for the Cleanup Brigade. While the Brigade is on call during the holidays, the workload rises steadily after the guests leave. Unfortunately, there's no overtime pay. No doubt due to the poor economy.

The topic of housework doesn't exactly lead the list in titillating topics, but out of curiosity how many of your loved ones and guests make their bed?

I've got two in the family that are stellar. From there its downhill.

How many cook?

Here I'm very fortunate. I've got three in the family that love to cook and make mouthwatering meals. And if we happen to be grilling out, the number goes up to five.

What about cleaning up the kitchen after the cooking?

Okay my numbers drop significantly here.

Miscellaneous help?

Everyone gains points on this one. All the family is usually willing to help out with the odd jobs.


Points to the family on this one too.

The bathrooms?

We won't even go there.

If you are a member of the CB, I hope the cleanup fairies come to visit your house. They've left mine and I don't look for them back for a very long time.


Molly Daniels said...

Let's see...I make my bed, and sometimes S makes hers.

Cook? 3, sometimes 4 out of 5.

KP duty? Teens take turns on a weekly basis, though we all pitch in from time to time.

Miss: Family event, also known as 'Operation Glad Dad', usually performed the night before he arrives home, or even hours before.

Bathroom and Laundry: Mom's jobs.

BTW....just ordered Makita yesterday:) I'm sure S will contact you when she's finished!

Shelley Munro said...

I'm very lucky when it comes to CB fairies. My hubby cooks and cleans up after himself. There's just the two of us and we both tend to pick up after ourselves so we live in happy harmony.

Happy New Year!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hmmm. Sadly lacking in CB around here. Kitchen work? No problem. Everyone is happy to pitch in. My daughter likes to cook so she and I do that. Bedrooms? Forget about it. No beds get made and the rooms are pretty much destroyed 30 mins. after they've arrived. sigh.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Molly, thanks for the order. Looking forward to hearing from S. Would you tell her I'm starting up a new blog for teens and tweens called Downtown YA at

You are luck, Shel:)

Regina, things sound pretty much the same as at my house. Let me second that sigh:)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Honey, no shit. Two full days of clean up. Still working on laundry. But I cried while I cleaned because it meant the kids had headed off to their new homes.

Sandra Cox said...

It can be tough can't it?

Sandra Cox said...