Friday, February 5, 2010

Cat Burglar...Seriously

No Cat--short for Catastrophe--doesn't steal anything. He just breaks in. Apparently, none of his pals have told him B and E is a crime and can get you incarcerated.

I've had cats that can open french doors. Piece of cake. Just put their paw on that long handle and push down. Wa-la the door opens. But this one amazes me. We have wooden doors fronted by storm doors front and back. When we are at home, we don't always shut them securely. If they aren't secured and locked, Cat has figured out how to open both the front and back door. Kinda woo-woo stuff.

What has your pet done that's taken you by surprise?

'Oh, Seth, you look so handsome today. You are becoming so big and strong. Would you care to take a walk in the catnip garden?' Female cat in heat. ODIN CATS


Unknown said...

Marlene, my goldfish, long since passed, got herself stuck in a underwater ornamental rock thing that had holes for her to swim through - but not her - she got stuck. I had to nudge her through

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

My cats constantly end up on the roof and then can't get down. So I have to get out the ladder. Right now one of my kitties is recovering from newt poisoning...see blog post. Geez!

Sandra Cox said...

Hmm, sounds like Marlene had been eating too much fish food.

I read about the newts and left a comment. Which was....EWWWWW:)