Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pluses to Being GROUNDED In a Statue

Being stuck inside a statue from dawn to dusk isn't a perfect scenerio but it does have benefits:
1. If you're a night owl you can sleep all day.
2. If you're wrongly accused and thrown in jail, poof you'll be gone come morning.
3. You never have to worry about not wearing enough sunscreen.
4. You don't have to fight rush hour traffic or get stuck behind a school bus first thing in the morning.
5. You don't have to mow the grass.
6. Or weed the garden.
7. Or deal with ants crawling all over you at a picnic.
8. Or worry about your sunglasses being out of style.
9. The beach isn't as crowded.
10. You can watch the fireflies flit in the dark.
11. Watch the moths dance in the light.
12. Take romantic walks in the moonlight.
13. Listen to the soft hoot of owls and other night birds.
14. Wander through a night garden.
15. Dance under the stars.
And lastly, just be.

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