Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pranic Vampires

The below description pertains to the Hunter Series Pranic Vampires. Like different forms of vampires, other Pranics may have other characteristics.

Being a fledgling Pranic can be every bit as dicey as being a blood vampire. Pranics gain their power by absorbing other humans’ energy. Since it brings about a larger than life feeling of power and a sharp rush of energy, it’s difficult for a new Pranic to stop once he or she has started absorbing energy from someone. If they aren't careful they can literally suck the life right out of another human by sapping them of every last drop of energy in their body.

A seasoned Pranic is aware of the delicate balance and just takes the amount he/she needs. It’s much easier and less noticeable if he/she does a little crowd hopping, drawing from one human then moving on to another, till he/she is satiated.
Taking energy from humans is not necessary for a Pranic to survive but it increases their power and also helps them heal, not to mention it’s an unbelievable rush. Like their counterparts, as Pranics mature their skin becomes more sensitive to light. Their sleep cycle changes and they have difficulty functioning in the daytime.Pranics can do great good or great harm.

Fred the parakeet, has a new 'bird friendly' home. Here's a pic of Fred now settled in his condo loaded with toys:)

I sent out a call for help on a couple of rescue loops and the response was overwhelming. Kudos to all the wonderful people who responded.


Unknown said...

Pranic vampires? Most interesting - and Fred - I believe he's spoilt

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Are you writing pranic Vampires??? Do tell...Cute birdie!

Unknown said...

I've heard of energy vampires but didn't know the term "pranic". Does my lack of energy so often mean I'm being sucked dry by a pranic vampire? Sometimes I wonder...

Are you writing a story about one?s

Anny Cook said...

Excellent info about the vampires. And Fred looks very happy!