Sunday, April 18, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

Thursday was critter day. I had agreed to foster three kittens--see above. Pretty cute aren't they. So I stopped by the vet to pick them up then got them settled in. These guys brought the critter quota up to a dog and eight cats at the house. Plenty of critters, right? Later that evening, I went for a walk with the hh and the dog. We were walking down the lane when what did we see coming toward us on the other side of the road....Take a guess.

1. A car

2. A truck

3. A turtle

4. A deer

5. A raccoon

6. A parakeet.

I bet you cheated and looked at the pic. Yup, there was a little blue parakeet meandering down the road. He hopped right up on my shoe and began to nibble at the laces. We put him in a box and made the rounds of the neighborhood but no one claimed him. So yes, we now have a dog, eight cats and a parakeet in residence. The poor little guy, who I call Fred, probably thinks he died and went to birdie hell with all the cats around. I'm hoping to find him a good home soon.

Years ago during the depression, if a farmer was generous and gave them food, hobos would leave a mark at the end of the a farmer's lane. This was done to alert other hobos that this was a good place to stop, that they would be fed. I think the animals have discreetly placed a paw print somewhere on the property:)


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh, how sweet! I so love kitties and it's great that you foster them.

Anonymous said...

How CUTE!! Neighbor called to us Friday; they discovered a mama cat and three or four kittens living in their closed off basement lean-to/doorway/whatever it's called. We're keeping an eye on them. Sometime this week I'll go over with the camera.

Did not know that about the parakeet! However, I think the 'twilight bark' is in full swing in your neighborhood:)


Anny Cook said...

soft touch!

barbara huffert said...

We have four brand new kittens in residence on the porch at work. I'll aim them your direction. They'll fit right in with your three fosters.

Sandra Cox said...

Hello everybody,
Sounds like kitten season is in full swing across the country.

Unknown said...

The last kitten born in my house was on October 30th. But then South Florida has different seasons.

I'm surprised the bird wasn't scared of your dog. I'm glad it came to you, though, and that you found it a good home.