Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower Power Contest

Are you an avid gardener, enjoy aromatherapy and flowers in general? For a chance to win a PDF of FLOWER POWER and a notebook with a FLOWER POWER cover just leave a comment. The winner will be announced May 23rd.

Night Garden

Imagine sitting in your gazebo or settling on your bench and watching the stars come out while a gentle breeze blows away the heat of the day. As the night darkens, your flowers glisten with an otherworldly beauty.
The most popular night flowers are moon flowers. They are large, lustrous and white, making them easy to see at night.
The glory moon vine produces six-inch trumpet flowers that unfurl at sunset. The glory moon vine is an annual and each flower only lasts one evening.
The bush moon plant is also white with six-inch trumpet flowers that open at night. The bush moon plant is a perennial. Each individual flower lasts a night and part of the day.
Night-blooming jasmine will fill the dark with its wondrous bouquet.
Other night bloomers you might consider adding to your garden are the perennials four o’clocks and evening primrose.
Night phlox has a lovely almond-honey scent that is released in the evening.
A large, white, clay pot filled with cereus, a cactus with gorgeous huge white flowers, would be a nice addition to your garden. This plant’s flowers release an aromatic vanilla scent.
Any blooming white plant that doesn’t close at night can be added to a night garden. Lamb’s ear is nice because it has a silvery quality at night. And what about adding some white pumpkins to your garden for visual appeal?


  1. We used to have lamb's ear in our garden. And then it decided to take over the yard. But I still loved the soft, soft leaves.

  2. I love your book. I keep it as a reference! My daughter has a copy too!

  3. Aww, that is so nice. How's she doing? How's ranch life?

  4. I love favorite is Lilac but alas they don't grow here and are very expensive at the flower shops. I'd love to read your Flower Power book.

  5. I love flowers and herbs! I would love to read your book! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


  6. I love to garden. I raise hybrid roses and plant lavendar among them - the scents are off the charts. I also have a totally awesome hummingbird vine covering my deck. It's truly a stunning plant. I think I'll try your white pumpkin suggestion this year!

  7. I love moon flowers! truelly uttlerly love them only other flowers i enjoy more are day lillies and daisies havent read the book but will be adding to my wish list

    Flower power really honestly is a good thing in my world the thing me and my dad come together on gardening
    great post

  8. Wow, Anny, Lamb's Ear must love your place.

    Jackie, One thing I miss about the midwest is the lilacs. I used to have them outside my bedroom window and the fragrance was wondrous.

    Hey Tami, How are you? Thanks for dropping by.

    I would love to see your garden, Margie. Lavendar and roses, what an awesome combination.

    I love moon flowers too, SiNn, they are so otherworldly and exotic.
    Oh by the way, FP has a a chapter on Day Lillies.

  9. Hi Sandra :)
    I love to garden & work 3RD Shift so a night blooming area of my back yard is a must. I've got Moonflowers, old style lilacs (BIG bushes)and of course lambs ear along with my unusuals collection. Weeping peach, dwarf Jasmine and too many other plants.
    I use solar lighting to accent my looking pond & night yard.
    I'd love to read your Flower Power book.
    Mindy :)

  10. I love your discription of the night garden. I work two jobs and I leave early and get home late so your night garden sounds interresting.

  11. Living here in Arizona, my garden has a lot of wildflowers in it. Mostly the California poppy, bottlebrush and cactus. Not what I would call a lovely English garden variety but we enjoy it.

  12. Flower Power sounds interesting.

    I don't go out at night so I've never thought of having a garden with night-blooming flowers.

    It might be something I think about in the future.

  13. Wow, what a lot of great gardens.

    Mindy, I love the idea of solar. And I've never seen a weeping peach. Bet its beautiful.

    SilverWolf (I like that:) Two jobs, that must really keep you busy.

    Joye, I'm a big wildflower fan. What color is your poppy?

    Beth, So many gardens, so little time:)

  14. I wish I was a gardener but flowers seem to wilt as a walk by. I would love to be able to press the flowers though but mine never turn out right

  15. Hey mate - what do you know? And, you know how I loved your book. I like that it's circulating around Northen Queensland giving people enjoyment

  16. Flower Power, yes count me in please!

    dancealert at aol dot com

  17. We have a moon flower cactus it has a very pretty flower tha opens one night only.
    Flowers are very much a part of our life.