Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vampire Bay


Still as a shadow, I concentrated on the night. Extended branches, like bony fingers, reached out, outlined against the dark. A sharp wind whipped thin twigs that bent then sprang back. One cracked loud as a pistol shot. Waves pounded a rocky shore with merciless intensity and flung gray plumes of water high in the air.

Over the harsh night sounds, I heard a snake-like hiss. The hair on my neck rose. My grip on my sword tightened.

“Zoe, look out!”

I pivoted on my heel in time to see Uncle’s gleaming saber swing wide.

“Eeeee!” The vampire shrieked just before her head flew off. The unearthly sound set my teeth on edge. Spider like chills ran up my spine. The next moment the head, along with the separated body, burst into flame. The long black hair, on the skull, crackled and curled. Then it disintegrated with a ‘pop’. Phosphorus ash floated to the ground and left a sickly green glow in the dark.

A shriek of unleashed rage echoed through the night and turned my blood to ice.

I spun around and stared in disbelief. My body went cold. “What the—?” The vamp my uncle had just killed raced toward us. “How could she come back?” I could barely force the words past my stiff lips.

“It’s her twin, Zoe.” Uncle’s shout, broke my paralysis.

A woman with that same thick mane of black hair and scarlet lipstick slashed across her mouth—or maybe it was blood from a recent kill—soared forward in a blur of motion. “Murderers,” she screamed her fangs extended.

As she leaped for me, I thrust out my sword. The weight of contact vibrated in my hand as the blade buried in her heart. “Like you’ve never taken a life,” I snarled back.

She erupted in a ball of fire that lit the dark night then disappeared into a pile of ash.

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Shelley Munro said...

Nice excerpt! Very atmospheric and creepy :)

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Shel.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Wonderful excerpt!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey thanks, Lovely Julia.