Friday, February 3, 2012

Bottom Feeder

As I've mentioned before when it comes to shopping, I'm a bottom feeder, err bargain hunter. Even if I were in a different income bracket, I'd still be a red dot shopper. The other day I picked up a $99 blouse for $15.
$99?!? Yes it was a name brand. Yes it was well made and fit well, but it was still a cotton blouse and it wasn't made in America.
Here's my question. Would you pay ninety-nine dollars for a blouse and if so under what circumstances?
A. A special occasion
B. You fell in love with it
C. Your friends urged you to buy it
D. Its well made and you'll get your money out of it
D. No way Jose
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Shelley Munro said...

I might pay that much for a special occasion, but that doesn't happen very often. Happily, there seems to be sales all the time these days.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey, Shel, how are you?
I live for sales:)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Probably not unless I totally fell in love with it and had to have it. I'm more of a purse person than a blouse person.

Unknown said...

Nah, I like a bargain.

Sandra Cox said...

Julia, I love purses, but I'm too lazy to switch them out, so I carry one till it gets ratty then move on.

Amarinda, Yeah me too. Thrill of the hunt.