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Painted Jezebel

  1. With us today is Jolie Pethtel. Jolie, tell us about your current project. At the moment I'm working on the sequel to Painted Jezebel titled Poison Pens. It's nearly finished.
  2. Are you a plotter or a pantster? I've always been a total pantser. I had my basic plot points in mind, but the stories pretty much write themselves. Painted Jezebel is a prime example. I thought I knew who the killer was, but my characters knew different and so far no one has seen it coming, so I'm not complaining. However, for the first time with the sequel I've had to do a lot of plotting. The story is more intricate and there was considerable research involved. Now that I've done both, I can honestly say if you can pull it off pantsing is the more fun way to go, though it isn't always feasible. Everyone has their own writing style and each book is different.
  3. Do you have critique partners or work alone? I used to have critique partners and it works for a lot of people, but I kept finding myself changing my story to suit what other people thought it should be, then it would be critiqued by someone else and their opinion would send me off in a different direction. The trick is to find someone in tune with your particular writing style. I do have a few close writer friends I'd trust with my work, but critique groups with people I don't know just don't work for me.
  4. What is your zodiac sign and what characteristic of your sign aids you as a writer? I'm a Scorpio and fit the profile exactly. I'm fairly intense and determined. I don't let things go easily and that keeps me from giving up on a project no matter how difficult it gets.
  5. What books of yours are currently for sale and where can a reader buy them? Currently only Painted Jezebel is available, but keep your eye out for Poison Pens. Right now you can find Painted Jezebel several places online. Museitup Publishing, Amazon and Smashwords to name a few.

Title: Painted Jezebel (A Jezebel Jinx Mystery, Book 1)

Author: Jolie Pethtel

Publisher: Museitup Publishing

Length: 65,000 Words

Sub-Genres: Comedy, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller


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“Someone was just murdered and I’m the prime suspect. Detective Tyler has gone around smearing my good name with everyone at the conference and here I am strutting around in a bikini. Don’t you think a one piece might have been more—I dunno—respectful?” Jezebel hovered uncertainly in front of the door marked heated pool. “Maybe a black one piece to show I’m in mourning.”

“You can’t flirt with lifeguards in a one piece. It just isn’t sexy enough. Besides, you aren’t in mourning. No one is. Did you see the celebrating going on in the bar? ‘Ding dong! The witch is dead’ is pretty much the attitude in there. If they could give you an award for killing her, they would.”

“I didn’t kill her,” Jezebel hissed.

“No, you didn’t, but if you want to prove your innocence you need to seduce some information out of that lifeguard.”

“My boobs are too small to seduce anyone. My legs are really my best asset, which I could display just as well in a one piece.”

“Rick might be a boob man. That is why you are wearing a size too small and we bought a bikini that lifts.” He mimicked cupping and lifting with his hands, without actually touching her breasts.

“I’m going in.” Jezebel stated as she rolled her eyes, and then stepped toward the pool area entrance. “Think sex goddess,” she ordered herself, adding some strut to her walk.

Finn insisted on the fire engine red bikini and matching strappy high heeled sandals. Who wore high heels to the swimming pool? This was wrong on so many levels.

“You look smokin’ hot, babe,” Finn called out. His idea of encouragement. Well, that was nice to know. Jezebel added a little roll to her hips just for his benefit, before pushing open the door and disappearing from sight.

She spotted Rick right away. He sat on his chair like a Greek Adonis, wearing nothing but snug bathing trunks, a whistle and a smile. The pool was filled with women vying for his attention. Her self-confidence slipped a notch.

Jezebel hesitated a fraction of a second too long as she neared his chair, and then kept on walking. No way was she going to humiliate herself like this. They would just have to find another way to acquire the information.

“Hello gorgeous,” the lifeguard drawled following it up with a whistle and not the ‘behave in the pool’ kind.

Jezebel froze and then slowly smiled. Ah, an ass man. She attempted to spin around gracefully, but grace and spiked heels did not go hand in hand. Just as she was face to face with her target, she slipped and tottered drunkenly on the tiles. In her defense, they were black and the wet spots weren’t particularly visible. She had a brief unpleasant flash of déjà vu, and then the life guard was on his feet, catching her in proper heroic fashion.

“Feel free to drop in anytime.”

Ugh! Did he just say that? The man was so much hotter when he didn’t speak. All brawn, no brain. How disappointing. So what did she say now? Jezebel wasn’t particularly good at suggestive small talk with half naked strangers. She tended to fluster easily. The hidden agenda only increased her nervousness. Where were the cue cards when you needed them?

“You saved my life! How can I ever thank you?” she gushed, fluttering her lashes.

“Do you have something in your eye?” He frowned down at Jezebel, before setting her on her feet.

“I was just a little—um—disoriented for a second.”

“Are you sure? It looked like you were having a seizure there or something.”

“I’m sure.” Jezebel was absolutely mortified. Thank God Finn wasn’t witnessing this. She would never live it down. Just then she caught a glimpse of him pulling off his T-shirt and diving into the deep end in nothing but a pair of modest swim shorts. Not fair. Not only had he overheard every embarrassing word, his smug grin left no doubt, but he was holding himself to a different standard. He should be demeaning himself for the greater good by wearing a pair of revealing swim trunks.

The women swarmed around Finn splashing playfully and damned if he didn’t love every second of it. Jezebel wanted to strangle him. So he wanted to play it that way, then fine. She could play too.


Jolie Pethtel was born in Ohio, but raised in Arizona, where she met her husband Jim. Jolie has since moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where she lives with her husband and their six rambunctious children. Jolie is a Domestic Goddess by day and Writer by night.

Author Website: http://www.jezebeljinx.com

Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/joliepethtel

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002016243117

Twitter: @joliepethtel

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