Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Diary Of A Computer Crash or Murphy's Law

October 13th: Computer Crashes.

October 14th: Take it in to work to get someone with better eyes than mine to read the serial number on the back. Younger person accomplishes this with a magnifying glass. Computer still has three days before warranty expires.

October 15th: Mail computer in to be repaired.

October 16th: Wait

October 17th: Wait

October 18th: Wait

October 19th: Wait

October 20th: Wait

October 21st: Computer arrives, without power cord or adapter. Cuss. Call vendor

October 22nd: Cuss. Call vendor

October 23rd: Cuss. Call vendor

October 24th: Cuss. Call vendor

October 25th: Adapter arrives. No one home to sign for it. Cuss.

~ *~
Do you take herbal supplements? If so you might want to check this out.


  1. LOL at least you got to cuss a lot, that can be fun.

  2. Hey Dana, All hugs appreciated. Thank you:)

  3. and I thought I was the only one with that kind of luck

  4. Oh Sandra, typical computer crap. No, don't take supplements but my sister swears by them because she's insane.

  5. Hey Julia,yup computer crap pretty much sums it up. I admit, I'm a supplements girl, but after reading that article I may have to rethink it.