Monday, November 11, 2013

The Ring

Greetings everyone. Did you have a great weekend? Of course you did. There's no other kind, right? Did you see Thor? CH sure is pretty to look at isn't he?

Today, I’m very pleased to have on my blog longtime friend and author Jaclyn DiBona who's introducing her first release The Ring. Jaclyn and I were part of the FTHRW crit group before either of us were published. Friends, please welcome Jaclyn DiBona.
 One arrogant doctor from the past, one strong-willed doctor from the future collide in an explosive response. Both convinced they know best, both determined to prove they’re right.  

In 2011, strong-willed Doctor Jessica Madison mourns her godfather. Raised by Jacob, she discovers why his inflexible attitude in raising a child belongs in the nineteen century. He leaves her a gold and ruby ring capable of transporting her through time. Knowing her insatiable curiosity, he warns her about disrupting history. No way can she ignore the chance to see life in 1898.

In 1898, Doctor Alexander Eliot is head surgeon at Boston City Hospital. Alexander believes most women are devious. He is engrossed in fighting for innovated ideas for improving his hospital. He yearns to find a woman whom he can trust, one who understands and accepts his idiosyncratic personality––his angel by day and a tigress by night. He promises himself he'll find his perfect woman.

When Jessica and Alexander meet, their attraction is explosive and their words collide. Can he give up the past and forge ahead into the future, or will their love be lost in time. 

April 26. 2011
Beacon Hill
Boston, Massachusetts 

"Damn you, Jacob. If you hadn't been so stubborn. If you'd just listened to me in the first place––" Jessica Madison fought back tears. She clutched the arrangement of her beloved godfather's favorite purple lilacs to her chest and swallowed hard. Even though her head throbbed from the fragrance of the spring flowers, she refused to leave any other kind on Jacob's coffin.
Her pounding head matched the rhythmic drumming of rain on the canopy over the burial plot. She placed the blooms on the cold, gray steel of his final resting place. Pulling a tissue from her pocket, she wiped tears running down her cheeks.
Alfred Carter, Jacob's trusted lawyer, nudged her arm. "I apologize for intruding on your sorrow." He glanced at the casket and cleared his throat. "We need to review Jacob's will. He insisted you hear his last wishes right after his service."
He had to be kidding. She took a deep breath before she said something she'd regret. Her stomach grumbled reminding her in addition to not sleeping, she hadn't eaten since yesterday. Alfred knew Jacob had requested no farewell luncheon after the services. She wondered why Alfred insisted on rushing the reading of the will. Unlike Jacob, she found Alfred pushy and annoying.
A clap of thunder boomed overhead, and a shudder rippled through Alfred's thin shoulders. He glanced again at the coffin. "Please, Miss Jessica. Jacob's last wishes were most emphatic."
"Jacob always claimed thunder is the sound of angels bowling in heaven." She patted Alfred's arm. "Do you think they're giving him a sendoff?"
Alfred grimaced. He must have thought she'd lost her mind in her grief.
"Sounds like Jacob. Regardless, I dislike loud noises and cemeteries make me nervous."
As the rain slowed to a drizzle, mourners hurried toward the rows of cars. "I'm pleased so many of Jacob's friends came to pay their respects," she murmured.
"Yes, yes," Alfred muttered and tugged her arm.
Alfred needed to honor Jacob's last wishes. This she understood, but hearing the will read would make Jacob's death all too real, too final. She didn't care about Jacob's money and holdings. She'd give up everything for a few more years with him.
Alfred opened his umbrella, took hold of her arm, and urged her toward the gray limousine waiting to drive them to Beacon Hill.
Jaclyn DiBona is a long-time member of Romance Writers of America, and an active PRO member of the New England Chapter of RWA, where she served as treasurer for four years. An avid reader and co-chair wizard critique, she helped fellow authors and beginner writers at From the Heart Critique Group and served as a judge for RWA’s Golden Heart Contest and other RWA romance contests for many years. Jaclyn has completed three novels and is working hard on her fourth. They include a time travel, a romantic suspense, and two contemporary romance.
She met the love of her life at age sixteen. After Lou graduated from MIT, the couple raised three children in Milton, Massachusetts. For ten years, she volunteered in Milton's grade school library helping students to correct poor reading habits and to enjoy the love of books.
Jaclyn enjoys espresso and reading romance novels, and she would love to hear from her readers. Her first book, The Ring, publisher Desert Breeze Publishers came out in April in eBooks and in print books in October and is available with  Her second book, THE WHIMS OF FATE will be out in 2014 in both eBooks and in print at the same time by The Wild Rose Press. 
To our Veterans and their families: a sincere and heartfelt thank you.


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