Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Monday

Why can't the weekend be five days and the work week two? Just saying...

Thanks for the pic, Rye.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything mega exciting. Me...still working on edits.

Did you see the story about the widow who lost her $280,000 home because she owed six dollars in back taxes? Six dollars. Really? If you haven't read the story and wish to read more here's the link:

Vanessa Morgan is giving away a copy of Akasha and cat toys for the winner's cat @ her Traveling Cats Blog. Ever  been there? If you're a cat person, I recommend it. It's a fun blog to visit. Thanks, Vanessa.  
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I should have bought a lottery ticket. This was my lucky weekend. Deer came in the backyard. They were close enough, you could see the spots on the fawn. A red cardinal in a nearby tree added to the view. Apologies for the poor quality of the picture. It was nearly dark and taken with my phone through the screened in porch. Sunday, I saw a barn owl.( Also taken with my phone. I've got to get a decent camera!) We've lived here fourteen years and hear them nightly, but this was the first sighting. He really blends. If you don't see him at just the right angle, you don't see him at all. And...I saw a bluebird!



Shelley Munro said...

It's so cool seeing wildlife at your own back door. I'd love to see an owl. We've been hearing a morepork calling at night, despite living in the town. That's our native owl.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Shelley, It was exciting. First time we'd seen one in the yard. We've seen hawks, but haven't seen the owls, just hear them. This guy was big. Probably 18" with a huge wing span.
I'll have to look up Moreporks to see what they look like.

Pat Hatt said...

6 bucks? wow, better pay those taxes.

That is the weekend for me, 5 days every week lol

Unknown said...

The surroundings and visitors around your home remind me of ours, Sandra. We have deer, cardinals, blue jays, robins, groundhogs, squirrels and now, a black cat who I've named Luna, who visit us each morning to be fed. We also have baby crows which I've grown quite fond of since they don't seem to bother the little birds. Thanks for sharing your photos=)
I agree... the work week should be less giving us more time to focus on ourselves and family life!! Happy Monday.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Pat, Just a tad bit extreme, huh? Yup I think a five day weekend would be just about perfect:)

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Gina, It does sound just like ours, except for the crows. We don't have any of those. I've heard they're very intelligent birds. We've got wood peckers.