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Happy Birthday

Today's your day. Note the card. It's in the mail:)

We still have power and no downed trees. So far we have been very lucky. There have been nearly twenty fatalities in the Carolinas from Florence. In North Carolina there are huge pockets of flooding, it's still raining (though it's closer to moving through) and the rivers haven't crested yet.  Travelers are being asked to avoid the entire state.

UPDATE: The sun is shining! The rain has stopped! And I saw butterflies. We may get a little more but, except for cresting rivers,  the worst is over. We have been very lucky, especially compared to those in other areas of N and SC. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

It's The Weekend


Greenville is now getting rain. Some areas of town closed off.
New Bern has been smacked. Many residents are waiting on roofs for rescue.
North Myrtle Beach: Flash flood warning.
River Bend: Flooded.
Statesville: Gusty winds and rain. Flood watch. (Saturday)
Wilmington: Saddened to hear there were fatalities.
Wrightsville Beach: Heavy wind gusts.
To those dealing with Florence, what's going on in your area?

* Thanks to all that have reached out and are concerned. So far, so good. We have power and no downed tree.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Street Art Thursday

Thanks to all the artists that share their gift with us.