Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Invasion of the Birds

We have this happen about once a year when the birds are migrating. There are hundreds of them and they completely surround the property flocking in the trees. The noise they make is deafening. I always feel like I'm a cast member for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. This year I got some pics.
Beware....they may be on their way to your house next.

My lovely daughter is flying in tonight. Be safe Ms. M.
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  1. That would be a little creepy. Australian birds are very noisy. We always have trouble sleeping when we visit. And don't get me started about camping under a kookaburra's favorite tree!

  2. Hey, Shel, you are going to have to post a pic of a kookaburra on one of your picture days. I've never seen one.

  3. Yes, be safe and have a wonderful time with her.
    Right now we have enormous flocks of robins. But I never worry - love to see them!

  4. Never seen a kookaburra? What a tragedy!

  5. Julia, I love seeing flockings of Robins. Diffent entirely from the black birds. In the midwest, it always meant spring was on the way.

    Amarinda, Nope never have. Would like to though.