Friday, January 13, 2012


Robin Weaver, Muse It Up bud, invited me to pitch at the Carolina Romance Writer's group last weekend where they were hosting Quinlan Lee from Adams Literary, a boutique literary agency for children and YA's books.
Even though, I've been published awhile now, I've never pitched. I decided to give it a go.
Before the pitches, Ms. Lee spoke about the business. She was dynamic ,informative and had a professional, easy-going manner. Her one request: that no one stick manuscripts under the bathroom install when she's inside:) Apparently this has happened before:)
She gave us a look at what goes on inside the higher echelons in the publishing world. One of the things she pointed out which surprised me was, the agency (at least the one she works for) doesn't always look at the highest offered contract but considers long term. Considering, those contracts are their bread and butter I was impressed. Though I came away feeling like it's easier to get in a size O dress than get a contract from a New York publishing company.
After the program we had lunch and then it was time for the dreaded pitches. Robin decided to do her pitch publicly to give the other members that had never pitched an idea what to expect. Better her than me. I'd rather eat meat, and I've been a vegetarian for nearly fifteen years, than give a public pitch.
After that it was my turn. Being the great orator that I am, I read mine. Even though, I'd chatted with Quinlan over lunch and found her to be an easy to talk to, fun individual, my heart was thumping like a drum while I read it. She didn't care that much for my pitch but liked the concept of my manuscript. And here's the thing. She did everything she could to point out, in a positive manner, what she felt I could do to improve my pitches.
Overall it was a positive experience. I liked Quinlan Lee and I have no doubts she's a wonderful agent for her authors.
The only fault I found with her...she hadn't read one of my favorite books:)
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  1. You are one courageous woman. I think I'd just hide in a corner.

  2. Pitching myself or my writing is a challenge for me. But Quinlan really was easy to chat with. I liked her. How you be, Ms. Julia?