Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brief Moment of Silence For My Nails

Okay, I realize I've gotten a bit fixated on fingernails, now that I've finally got them--or had them.
I actually had lovely (at least in my mind) long nails. But since they didn't retract at will like Wolverine's, I couldn't fasten my buttons or necklace clasps, pick change up off the floor.. well you get my drift.
Somethings I could do but with difficulty:
Write with a pen. Though I must admit it was challenging taking notes in meetings.
Pop a tab on a can
Of course it didn't slow fork work down.
Maybe its like learning to walk, you just have to practice using them. Regardless, I had them cut back. Sigh. They aren't completely gone, just no longer that perfect length of long.
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  1. Short nails are more practical and in the end it's better to have healthy ons I reckon