Thursday, March 22, 2012

Exercise...Bring It On

Its that time of year. Time to go into training and knock off a few pounds, so I'll be ahead of the game when the Easter bunny comes hopping around with my Fannie Mae. For those of you, who are kind enough to read my blog, you know all about Fannie Mae, whether you're from the Midwest or not. You hear about it at Easter and Christmas, when I get my semi-yearly fix.If you're a chocoholic, and who of us isn't, I recommend the pink fruit and nut egg, and the Caramel Pecan Fudge Easter Egg.
Seventeen more days, but who's counting;)
What's your sinful pleasure?


  1. Yeah, gotta get ready for Fannie. But we don't have her here!

  2. We don't either, except at xmas when you can get the individual wrapped pixies. The Easter bunny goes on line:)

  3. I have no idea who Fannie is. As for sinful depends on the mood and how sinful I feel. I like extremes.