Sunday, March 18, 2012

Painting and Edits

Now that I've finished reading......the day has been spent painting. Yes, the fun just never ends at the Cox household. I'm painting the bathroom a caramel with white trim. (Color on right. Only, of course, it came out about two shades darker, more of a tan.)After this project is done, I'll start on what should be the last round of my edits for Minder. So I may and may not be around this week. Hope yours proves to be productive and pleasant.

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  1. Happy editing! Is the paint smell ingering?

  2. Oy, that would be lingering, no ingering. The iPad spells creatively at times!

  3. Nice color! I'm editing too. Must be going around.

  4. Hey Shel, The scent wasn't bad. IPad, hey? Cool.

    Thanks, Ms. Julia. Good luck with your editing. I'm getting ready to work on mine now.

  5. I must do some painting...problem is I tend to use really wild bright colours and I'm trying to stop myself from doing that and try to be more sedate. It's a battle...