Friday, March 2, 2012

The One Book Blurb Blitz Tour

Cheryl will be giving away a $50 gift card to one blog commenter.

Book Synopsis:

A fateful encounter with a savvy young producer lands aspiring writer Olena Day the role of America's bachelorette on the new reality show The One. There are just two problems: Olena despises reality TV, and technically she's not single. What could she possibly hope to gain? A book deal? But Olena's made it clear; she won't resort to the stereotypical antics often portrayed by women on reality TV. But ratings rule and the producers have plans of their own to assure the show's success even if it means exposing some of Olena's long-held and most embarrassing secrets.

Jason Nix is a former NFL superstar turned TV sports commentator. He's been dating Olena off and on for almost a year. Financially, he's set for life, but he isn't happy. When Olena's preoccupation with reality show stardom puts their relationship on the rocks, he meets a young woman from Dallas who captivates him in ways no other woman has. There's something about the makeup-free, Bible-toting Texan that Jason can't seem to get enough of, and soon makes him wonder whether she's too good to be true, or if the real problem is she's not Olena.

Step behind the scenes of the highly competitive and unique world of reality dating shows, in this relations
hip-driven page-turner that keeps delivering surprises.

Author Bio:

Cheryl Robinson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and resides in Ocala, Florida. She has a bachelor of science degree from Wayne State University. The One is her eighth novel. Her passion for writing was sparked while taking a fiction writing course as a college elective. She began her literary career by self-publishing two novels before acquiring a literary agent and then a publishing deal with New American Library (an imprint of the Penguin Group) who published six of Cheryl’s eight novels. She is currently writing her ninth novel, Like Mom.

Links: - This is the link to RSVP for the online book chat and also the link for the actual book chat. - This link will not be live until March 1, 2012. It is the blog post with details on the chat/door prizes/etc. link: (The One is available in both paperback and ebook. Below is the link to the ebook)

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  1. Hope this book is as good as it sounds. I love knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

  2. Thank you for hosting my tour today. If any of your visitors would like to read an excerpt from The One,they can do so by clicking on my name.

  3. My pleasure, Goddess.

    Cheryl, wishing you many sales.

  4. That Prologue in the excerpt on your website is intense. And what a character name, Godiva! Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

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  6. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been away from my computer and unable to keep up with your book tour. I'm playing catch-up now!

    Caught up now and just in case you stop back for late comments, I'll be with you on Monday with a bunch of questions lined up for you!

  7. I'm off to chase up the excerpt thank you.