Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cat Tales

Okay, this one is going to burn your biscuits. It certainly did mine. I was talking to a work bud today and she told me that her daughter saw a Dorito bag in the middle of the road that was moving. She stopped to investigate and you guessed it. There were two tiny kittens in it.

Two extremes on the two-legged animal spectrum. One that would leave helpless beings that depended on them in the road to be annilated and one that was the good samaritan that saved them. Kudos, Michelle to your daughter.

Tale two:
I was contacted last night and asked if I'd foster a heavily pregnant cat that if not pulled from the shelter would be put down. The plan was to have the cat aborted and spayed. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, but I agree. We have no room. No one to foster more kittens. We are a small organization that is already overburdened with critters and only a minscule handful of fosters. Three other pregnant cats were taken in previously and six months later we still have the kittens. So knowing that this cat's kittens would not make it I was at least comforted with the knowledge we could save the mom. I was depressed all morning about this. And I was worried about the cat. They are like any other mom. Losing their babies is hard on them. They grieve.

But alls well that ends well. My co-rescuer called and told me instead of a pregnant female, we had a chunky male. So Kiki is now Cocoa. And what a beauty he is. I'll post pics later. Talk about a sigh of relief:)

The last tale:
Waldo, my son's darling, and the rest of the world's nemisis had to be boarded for the first time. The boarder gives a report card to the parents/owners when they pick up the cat... Waldo didn't pass.


  1. We have a street cat at work that brought us her kittens. Two are now almost three weeks old. The other four didn't make it. Fortunately we have homes lined up for them. Otherwise they'd be taken in and most likely put down. The local shelters are full. The fosters are full. It breaks my heart but the only other choice would have been to leave them on the street. Not an option as far as we're concerned. Now if only we could trap mom and get her spayed.

    Poor Waldo. What did he do?

  2. I'm glad mom kitty was smart enough to bring her 2 babies to you. Hopefully, you can catch her and get her spayed.

    Maybe failing was a slight exaggeration, lets just say he didn't make high marks on his interaction with his caregivers:)

  3. People who do that to any animal should be shot.

  4. Sandra,

    People can be so mean and downright uncaring when they do things like this to helpless animals. I just don't understand it.
    Thank you for stepping in and doing such more for them. If they could talk, they would tell you how much they love, appreciate, and need you, I'm sure!

  5. Have people no shame doing this to animals?

  6. Awww, poor Waldo. We boarded my daughters dog one night. The boarders called and said to come pick him up. They called him a "vicious" dog. We're wondering what happened as he a big wuss.

  7. Hearing this both upsets and heartens me. How can people be so cruel? I don't understand it at all.

  8. Amarinda, I agree.
    Regina, Its unbelievable isn't it.
    I don't understand either, Taylor, Ash.
    Anny, my former vet friend always said that when an animal feels cornered its fight or flight. Do you think that's what happened to the dog?