Sunday, October 25, 2009

Season's Change

' Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.' Kahlil Gibran

We went into the mountains yesterday to see the changing colors. We weren't disappointed. As you can see, it was glorious.
Usually when we go, the temperature isn't much different from home. But the time we got in the mountains, the temperature had dropped 23 degrees. Yikes. And of course we hadn't brought jackets. That would have been much too sensible.
Apparently, everyone else had the same idea. Blowing Rock was packed. I've never been there when there were so many people. We found out later App had a game going on, so between tourists and game goers the area was flooded with people.
We stopped long enough to hit our favorite ice cream and chocolate shop, which by the way everyone else had too:) then headed for Canyons restaurant then home. (You can tell food always plays a large roll in our plans can't you.) But wow what a view, huh?


  1. Cold and eating ice cream - what a woman

  2. Okay, I'm fessing up, instead of ice cream I got a rice krispie treat smuthered in caramel, chocolate and pecans. Heavenly.

    Thanks, Julia. The top photo was taken from the restaurant. I love the shades of blue.

  3. It was gorgeous. We were out and about, also, checking out the changing leaves. Beautiful colors this year.

  4. Beautiful scenery! OH MY...I want one of those rice krispy treat thingies. Sounds amazing.

  5. So where is Blowing Rock? What state? Reminded me of Colorado, but mountains aren't high enough. But you're right, it is beautiful with the fall colors.

  6. Regina, They were decadent:)

    Linda, NC. Our mountains are more gentle than the Rockies. The Rockies are magestic but I like NCs beauty.