Sunday, January 9, 2011

Regrets, I've Had a Few

I had a few regrets when I left the Midwest. No, the weather wasn't one of them. heh heh.
I, of course, regretted leaving family and friends. But what was the hardest shock to absorb was reaching the South and finding there were no Fannie May Candy Stores. No one had even heard of it. Woe was me. Woe was me.
Now if you're from the Midwest, especially Illinois, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Fannie Mae candies has the best chocolate--to my mind--in this world or any other. Its smooth without being heavy, rich without overpowering, and compared to other fine chocolates, reasonably priced.
Easter in the Midwest found people lined up at the Fannie Mae stores to get their specialty Easter Eggs, items that could only be bought once a year: pink fruit and nut eggs and chocolate fudge eggs rolled in caramel and pecans. I kid you not, their chocolate can make you weak in the knees.
After serious withdrawals in the South when I no longer found Fannie Mae in my stocking and Easter Basket, I finally convinced the Easter Bunny how serious this situation was and he went on line to order it, only to discover they'd cut back their line and no longer carried their specialty items. Woe was me. Woe was me.
So there I was still stuck with no Fannie Mae. A few more years went by and the company saw the error of their ways and brought back their specialty Easter Eggs. Life was once again good. Santa and the Easter Bunny delivered via UPS.
So I've been in the South for ten years with no one having a clue what I'm talking about. I look at them pityingly. They have no idea what they're messing.
Then like a miracle, I walk into Walgreens about a month before Christmas and of course hit the chocolate aisle. And there they were: Fannie Mae Pixies and Meltaways individually packaged at a $1.49 per candy. I scoop up a handful and raced to the counter where the clerk informs me that a woman was in just a bit ago and bought a whole boxful. I laugh and say, "She had to have been from Illinois."

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Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Being from Iowa myself, yes, I know all about Fannie Mae and the Easter eggs and the long lines out the door!

Sandra Cox said...

Don't ya love 'em?
I got pixies and dixies for xmas. I've devoured the pixies but still eaking out the dixies.

Unknown said...

Chocolate miracles are the best!

"I got pixies and dixies for xmas. I've devoured the pixies but still eating out the dixies." Hmmm...if I didn't know better I'd be worried

Sandra Cox said...

The winged variety pixies are safe from me:)