Thursday, January 27, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

I just received the versatile blogger award from pal Cindy Spencer Pape. Thanks, Cindy!
With the award comes certain expectations. I am to:
1. Share seven things about myself.
2. Pass this award on to ten other bloggers.
3.Notify the recipients
4. Link with the blogger who was kind enough to give me the award.

So here's seven thing about myself:
1. Unlike Cindy Spencer Pape and Julia Barrett, I like mayo.
2. Like Cindy Spencer Pape, I love popcorn.
3. I've never been able to decide on a favorite color.
4. I like thin crust pizza topped with green peppers, onions and pineapple.
5. My favorite chocolate is Fannie Mae
6. Someday when we aren't so inundated with pets, I'd like to get a greyhound from greyhound rescue
7. I've acquired a taste for black olives and white cheddar.

Here's my versatile blogger nominees:
Anny Cook, and Julia Barrett if you hadn't been nominated, you'd be on my list.
Amarinda Jones, if it weren't for the fact that you'd totally loathe it, you'd be on my list:)
1. Sherry (Pie) Morris
2. Hywela Lyn
3. Mona Risk
4 Tami Winbush
5 Rhobin Courtright
6 Sherry Gloag
7 Carrie Hinkel at Moonlight, Mayhem and Lace
8 Jewel Adams
9 Kerri Nelson at The Book Boost
10. Charlene Wilson


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Bwaahh-haaaa - thank you, Sandra! I'm so I may have to participate after all - between you and Cindy. I did this back in November!

Sandra Cox said...

You're a popular woman, Ms. Julia. Not to mention you've got a great blog:)

Tami Winbush said...

How sweet of you to give me this award. I love you girlie! :)


Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy, buddy:)