Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Strange Happenings

Have you seen the stories about the dead birds and fish?
Five thousand red-winged black birds died in Arkansas, recently. The cause of death: internal trauma and bleeding.
Eighty-three thousand fish died in Arkansas, recently.
They say the two are not related.....Hmmm.
Another five hundred black birds and starlings in Louisiana died.
Reasons suggested for the mass deaths:
Aerial Spraying
And the coming of 2012

I found the red-winged black bird story especially sad. I grew up in the mid-west where red-wings were a common sight. Seeing them always made me smile with pleasure.
Lets hope there are no more mass deaths of our wildlife.

There's always something interesting going on at Amarinda Jones', Anny Cook's and Julia Barrett's blog.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I'm waiting to hear what the cause was - I'm thinking maybe high altitude hail.

Sandra Cox said...

I'll be interested to find out too.

Unknown said...

I believe there are cycles and seasons to everything and there is no other reason than that behind it

anny cook said...

We had a mass die-off of fish in Maryland. I suspect that Amarinda is pretty close to the truth.