Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kick Boxing

Any kick boxers out there? Have you ever tried it? Its a great work out and a lot of fun. Other than pushed back toenails, jammed fingers and bruises, I'm really enjoying it. grin.
I started about eight months ago, when one of the instructors at work kindly volunteered her time twice a week to teach the class. I got into it thinking it was the aerobics variety. Heh heh. Not quite. But once I got involved I really enjoyed it.
Now that the semester is over, our instructor is done teaching for the summer. So she and the rest of us signed up with her instructor at his studio. We had our first class yesterday. Yikes! I figure as far as exercising, that hour should take care of me for the rest of the week. I also can't play the age card anymore either. The instructor looks to be my age and has a body like a rock.
Absolutely the worst part of Muay Thai for me is jumping rope. Sounds silly right? When we were kids we did it for hours. Now its not so easy to get this 'mature' body in motion.
The reason for jumping rope is agility, so that if someone attacks you, you can move quickly and respond as necessary. I must admit I need work in that area:) Our instructor said five minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent of a one mile run. I believe it.
I also ended up on a bag that didn't have padding. Ouch. Next week I'll check them out a little closer.
But all in all it was great. If you're looking for a good workout combined with self-defense training, I recommend it.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Can't. Sigh. The doctor who put my knee back together said I may not ever jump - unless absolutely necessary. Ah well, I do little jumps anyway, but jumping rope would be out of the question, as would kick boxing!
Good for you, Sandra!

Sandra Cox said...

What happened to your knee, Julia?

Jennifer Shirk said...

I used to take a cardio kick-boxing class at my gym. I loved it. But ti got too crowded.
Now I do p90x. I think the Kenpo they do is similar.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Jen, I'm not familiar with p90X. I'll have to get more info on it.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah - jumping rope is hard and I quite enjoy putting on my boxing gloves and smacking the bag around

Rhobin said...

Oh, Lord, that sounds like heart-pounding exercise and I don't think my knee and hip joints are up to it anymore, but more power to you!

Sandra Cox said...

Amarinda, It is a good stress releaser:)

Rhobin, You know its probably not great on the joints but it did help my back.