Thursday, June 16, 2011

You're a vegetarian. Why don't you like okra?

I always have to grin when someone asks me, "You're a vegetarian, why don't you like okra?"
Or, "You're a vegetarian, why don't you like mushrooms?"
Or, "You're a vegetarian, why don't you like beets?"
Or, "You're a vegetarian, why don't you like celery?"
"You're a vegetarian, why don't you like....?"
And my response is, "You're a carnivore, err excuse me, a meat eater, why don't you like liver?"
Okay, some meat eaters out there do like liver but you get my drift. No matter whether its veggies or meat, there are just some foods its hard to cozy up to.
There were lots of veggies I wasn't that enamored of that I now enjoy:
Squash and olives.
Okay maybe that doesn't constitute lots but my horizons have expanded since I became a vegetarian. I now enjoy tofu. And a variety of cheeses including but not limited to pepper jack, feta, and white cheddar cheese.
So what foods have you learned to appreciate that you wouldn't have touched when you were younger?
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Unknown said...

What the hell is okra? As for me - spinach - I hated it as a kid. I like it now

Sandra Cox said...

It's a green seed pod, southern favorite veggie, often served fried.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

LOL! I go through this with my sister. I hate green peppers with a passion.
Love okra! each his own.

Sandra Cox said...

I love green peppers. Not big on Okra:)

anny cook said...

Boiled okra...gag. Fried okra...I can deal with. Love broccoli.