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David Brown author of Fezariu's Epiphany

Joining us today is David Brown, author of Fezariu the Mercenary. Welcome, David. What caught my attention in David's bio was the mention of his six rescue cats. I like this author already:)

Here's his Bio:
David M. Brown was born in Barnsley in 1982 and first conceived the idea of Elenchera in college. His love of history and English led him to read these subjects at Huddersfield University. David is inspired by medieval history, Norse mythology and Japanese role-playing video games and anime films. He lives in Huddersfield with his wife Donna and their six rescue cats.

A little bit about: Fezariu the Mercenary

Fezariu first turned to the Merelax Mercenaries at the tender age of eleven, his childhood having very nearly ruined him. The promise of untold riches, fame and the chance to see the world were too great a lure for the young boy but his main motivation in enlisting as a mercenary was the chance to escape his past and, over time, perhaps bury it for good.

The Merelax Mercenaries dictated that recruits had to be sixteen years old before they would be considered for military training. Rather than turn Fezariu away, he was accepted at Archangel University and placed under the guardianship of General Bayard, an esteemed mercenary veteran with an impeccable military career. General Bayard’s five years as Fezariu’s tutor were motivated by a desire to break the boy and make him give up his dream. It didn’t work.

Fezariu was given menial tasks such as cleaning weapons, collecting glasses at the university tavern and running the full length of Merelax Island delivering messages. He never wavered. General Bayard’s education wasn’t all about the body though. Having Fezariu visit the library daily, General Bayard pushed the boy hard with his reading, writing, arithmetic and history. For every lesson a test followed within a week. Fezariu prevailed on every occasion and General Bayard came to accept there would be no ridding Archangel University of this boy.

At sixteen Fezariu began his training as a mercenary and once again found himself under the tutelage of General Bayard. Fezariu’s three years of mercenary training saw him master the sword and build up his strength and stamina through a series of obstacle courses engineered by General Bayard himself. By nineteen Fezariu had achieved his dream, eight years after he first set out on the lonely path.

As a mercenary, Fezariu shared in the hopes of his peers by dreaming of lucrative assignments out in the western colonies. Colonialism, spearheaded by Eligantiar and Odrica in the Twelfth Shard, had seen the majority of the lands in West Elenchera subdued and their native races bound in chains to make way for families from the east dreaming of new and lucrative lives overseas. Though slaves, the native races of West Elenchera had insurgent spirits that could overcome any chains and revolts and attempted revolutions were commonplace during this turbulent period of history. It was into this vortex of mayhem that Fezariu wished to be assigned.

Fezariu fought with distinction in Emeraldon against the dangerous valkayan insurgents before returning to Merelax Island as a decorated hero. His final assignment came when the bulk of the Merelax Mercenaries were sent across the sea to assist Odrica in an ambitious invasion of Himordia. Against such accomplished and brilliant warriors, the Odricans and Merelax Mercenaries were always going to struggle and so it proved. Fezariu swapped the glory of crushing rebellions in Emeraldon for a desperate struggle for survival in Himordia. It is the aftermath of this devastating defeat in Himordia that forms the opening of Fezariu’s Epiphany.

Now for the excerpt:

The White Oak betrayed the impact of the stranglehold of time. The once pristine sign above the main entrance had faded, while the outer walls were cracked and filthy, their once white coat blemished and degraded. Nonetheless, the clattering of glasses, raucous laughter and jovial music still flowed from the open windows out onto the filthy streets.
Across the street from the White Oak, Fezariu stood with one hand resting on the wall of a derelict house, his eyes were locked on the door of the White Oak and his mind was reliving that fateful day when he had seen his mother entertaining the patrons. She had pushed him aside then, defined the worthlessness that had consumed his very essence until he stumbled upon the path of salvation that led him to Merelax Island and to the mercenaries.
The last time Fezariu had seen the White Oak he had been nothing to his mother, nothing to anyone, but now things were different. He had changed his life around, he was successful now, respected by his peers and finally of some value. With the weight of achievement supporting him, Fezariu finally had the reason and purpose to come back to the White Oak, to prove to his mother what he had done with his life; that he had thrived without her love and without her help. Today he would dictate the exchange between them, show Wild Jessamine that she was just another whore to him and not his mother. As a child, Jessamine had looked down on Fezariu and cast him aside as she would stained garments, but now Fezariu would tower above her and make her feel the same worthlessness he had.
Want to learn more about David and Fezariu's Epiphany? Or buy the book?
The Elencheran Chronicles:
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RRP: £9.99/$14.99 (paperback), $4.99 (ebook)

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Sandra Cox said...

David, Shelley Monroe said: A boy just can't get away from reading, writing and arithmetic!
I enjoyed the excerpt. Good luck with your release.

I accidently deleted it:(

tammy ramey said...

the book sounds wonderful and i can't wait to read it.

Chelsea B. said...

Interesting post and excerpt!!


Anonymous said...

Great excerpt!!

David M. Brown said...

Hi Sandra, what did you accidentally delete?

Glad to be here. This is a beautiful blog by the way and I love the butterflies.

I'm glad everyone's enjoying the excerpt. I loved writing this book so every time I receive a compliment or a piece of praise I feel amazing. It'll help me push forward with the writing of my second book!

See you at the next stop...

PS. I also love the cat love on this blog. As do Kain, Razz, Charlie, Buggles, Frodo and Bilbo!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the post.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi David,
The first comment under my name that says Shelley Munro said, etc. I just copied and pasted her comments.
Thanks for the blog compliment. A bud did the background for me.
My sister had a kitty named Frodo. He lived many years.
Always great to meet another rescue kitty person.
Wishing you many sales.

Sandra Cox said...

Shelley, Patsy, Ruby, Chelsea and Tammy, thanks for coming out to support David.

Judy said...

Thanks for your post and the excerpt. This book really looks very good. I also like the cover!

Good luck with the release!!


Mary Preston said...

I enjoyed the excerpt thank you.


Carol M said...

This sounds like a great book! Thank you for the giveaway!
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