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Blood Lust

With us today is T. Lynne Tolles. Welcome T. Lynne Tell us about your current project.

I haven’t done any writing since I finished Deadman’s Blood, however I have a bunch of notes and research for a possible new series based on a hellhound and a witch.

Do you think a writer needs an agent?

I think in this day and age having a person looking out for your best interest and helping to match you up with a publishing house is always a good thing, but no matter what you do or how you go about getting published being involved with the book throughout all its process is a priceless learning experience.

Does music beckon your muse?

When I was a teenager I couldn’t do a thing without music in the background. Now I find it distracting when I’m actually writing. However, when I’m developing the storyline or just doing everyday chores, music can influence an idea or a path the story might take. Sometimes even hearing a song that just reminds me of one of my characters can develop that character’s traits.

If so, what type of music?

I guess that depends on the mood I’m in. Blues, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Oldies, or R&B. Could be just about anything…I can be very eclectic

What’s your preference, doing dishes by hand for a week or writing a synopsis?

Yuck and Yuck…Do I have to pick one? I guess I’d have to say hand-washing dishes…I’m not very good at the writing of a synopsis. It feels too much like homework in high school (giggles).

What books of yours are currently for sale and where can a reader buy them?

All my books are available for sale in Ebook or paperback form. In Ebook I have all the books available in most platforms. In the very near future, all books will be available in hardback and I am also checking into having the books available in audiobook form.

They can be bought at my website,, smashwords, createspace, lulus, barnes and noble, all romance, and more.

Blood Lust Excerpt

They were almost to the black limousine, when they all finally stopped walking and Dominic turned to the boys and began to speak. “I’m in need of your help, boys. Anton is terribly sick and I would like you both to come to Connecticut with me, to help me determine what it is that is ailing him.”

“I’m very sorry Anton is sick, but that does not excuse your. . .” Devon started and Blake interrupted.

“What Devon is trying to say, Dominic, is that we are not boys any longer. We have lives, here; jobs, commitments, significant others. We can’t just up and leave.”

“Yes, I can see you’ve hooked up with a lively bunch of hooligans. Eating at a table with witches and werewolf swine. How could you? So what, you with your, Darby girl, and you with the werewolf cross breed creature? Both witches, I presume?”

“Yes. I am with Rowan, but you don’t understand, Dominic,” Blake said reluctantly.

His eyes grew large as saucer. “How despicable, boy. Didn’t I teach you anything? Didn’t you listen to a word I told you? Your mother must be turning in her grave in shame. We are a family of noble vampire blood. What a disgrace to your heritage. Vile. Disgusting.”

“That’s enough Dominic. You are wrong about werewolves, like many are wrong about vampires. You are mistaken. .” Devon defended.

“How dare you. I am a professor of science. I most definitely am not mistaken. I saw, with my own two eyes, the horrific act of a werewolf. They are animals, not people.”

“Your wrong, Dominic, very wrong. These are good and decent people. They’ve risked their lives for us on numerous occasions..” Blake tried to explain.

“Don’t bother explaining Blake. He won’t change his mind. He has his view, and that is the only view he’ll ever see,” Devon said.

“I see your manners have been severely degraded by the company you keep. I demand you come to Connecticut immediately. Maybe you’ll find your manners there and remember your place in society.”

“I’m not leaving. Not for you and most definitely not for Anton.”

“Oh grow up boy. That was ages ago. Let bygones be bygones already. I won’t take no for an answer. You will both march in there pack your things and come home.”

“Connecticut is not our home. This is our home, Oljone, California. Right here, a bunch of great friends that are waiting for us to continue our Thanksgiving feast,” Devon said as he turned and headed back to the house.

“Wait Devon,” Blake said. Devon stopped and slowly turned around. “Dominic, won’t you please join us for dinner. Get to know these people. They are like family to us.”

Devon said, “Don’t bother wasting your breath Blake. He’s already made up his mind about them.”


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