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Words of Love

With me today is good friend, fellow author and editor, Jewel Adams. Jewel has written a how to write a romance novel that you'll no doubt want for your writer's tool box. She has included a look see into the work itself. After you've read it, if you decide you'd like to purchase it, the link is below. Enjoy.

How to Write Your Romance Novel




The largest step in writing is deciding to write; whether your work becomes an epic novel, a short story or novella, the biggest decision you face is—where do I start?

If you were to walk into any bookstore or visit one online, their shelves are filled with any number of books telling you the whats, whys and wherefores of writing. You can read them all and once you finish, you will shake your head and drop your forehead on the table, groaning.

Out of all that material, most of it was a lot of help on how to set up a manuscript with all the proper margins and spacing. None or some of that information may benefit you as a writer, but you still didn’t find any help with the writing part. Every writer and how they create their work, will do it in a different manner.

Always remember, there is no set way to write, one method is as good as the next. Let’s find the most comfortable way for you to write.

You made the decision to write, now you need a place to write, a cubby or space that is the most comfortable for you. It can be the back porch, the kitchen or at the computer desk. Find that certain place in your house that is you. When I say you it is because we are all different and we aren’t in high school any longer, so we aren’t chained to the old rules. Mom may feel the most comfortable in the family room where she can keep an eye on the kids. Another may need complete privacy. Each of us has our own comfort zone, find yours.

Set up your space, make it a work area, but also make it a place that you want to be. You are going to spend many hours in your space, so arrange it the way you want it. If you have certain music, candles or plants that you might like having around you, include them in your space. Whatever feels right. Moms, don’t be afraid to set up some rules about your space, tell the children they have their play area and this is your area. They will listen, tell them what you are creating. You can give them the appropriate writing tools because they will probably start writing/drawing stories like their mom.

Next, you need to write for you. That’s right, you can write on paper with pen or pencils and don’t forget the erasers, or you can compose right on the computer screen. Find the most comfortable medium for you to write. Think of your writing the same way an artist looks at the canvas, they use acrylics and oils, you use pen, pencil or the keyboard. Try them all if you want, just find the one that allows you to envision the words.

Words, now there is an image. Words are the artist strokes on the canvas. Every word you write creates a picture. They are the art on your canvas. How you pull them all together will give you a beautiful work of art. In one story or novel, there are many different pictures to be created. Like an artist, the more you paint with your words, the more proficient you become. You can think of each chapter or scene as the picture you captured. The art of writing is an ongoing experience that allows you to continually, learn and evolve.

Try out your space. Write anything, write a letter, a recipe, a note to your love, a thought or experience you went through at the grocery store. Your world, the whole day is filled with stories, write one of them. They can be small or an adventure, don’t worry about how it sounds or even if it makes sense, just write. As you write get the feel of your canvas, the page forming before you should feel comfortable.

On the computer you can set the page so your fonts on the screen are larger, you should never strain your eyes to see the page, just go to the zoom and set it up to the size that works, say 125%. Make sure it feels right and is the most comfortable.

If you are using paper and pencil, make sure your have the right paper. College rule is smaller than regular rule, make sure the one you pick fits you. You can use notebooks or sheets of paper, try both and pick the best one. This also goes for the pens or pencils, the #2 pencil is usually good, mechanical pencils are great just make sure you get the right lead. Pens need to flow as you write, not cut into the paper. The gel pens are very nice to write with as they slide across the paper.

If at all possible I would recommend that you try writing directly into your computer or laptop. The computer is such a magnificent tool that will spoil you as you become familiar with all it offers. You can write notes to yourself as you craft your story; research is at your finger-tips. The computer can automatically fix misspellings. Grammar settings usually don’t work that well with Romance writing, but it will alert you to some basic writing mistakes. Writing directly onto the computer will save you a lot of time when it comes to putting your book on the computer.

Personally, pen and paper holds a soft spot in my heart. I still have many book pages to type into the computer. Practicality rules that the computer is more efficient. If you haven’t typed directly into the computer, give it a try, it takes time to get the feel for the keypad, but once you do you’ll be excited over how fast the words appear.

Here we are—we have our special space to write within, our medium or canvas is ready, now you begin…oh, but wait, what do I write?


I hope you enjoyed this look into Words of Love. Participants in the series have asked for them to be in book form. It took a while but it is finally available.

Remember to always follow your dream.

You can read more about Words of Love at my publisher’s website. This is also the purchase link:


Words of Love will be at the retail outlets within a week. Check Words of Love’s progress at: http://www.hippiechicks68.com/

Hippie Chicks 68 is still under construction, please excuse the dust. lol

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  1. As always, Jewel, good information. I gave up writing on paper except for spontaneous ideas and notes long ago.