Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Google +

Okay, I admit it. I suck at social networking. Not totally suck, its just not my strong suite. Or is it suit? Homonyms as you recall aren't one of my strengths either. But I like Google +. Have you tried it yet? Very user friendly. I'm on Facebook but I've never figured out how to separate a professional page from family and friends etc. And I live in fear of sending an email, afraid I'm posting it on someone's wall. Google plus is great for people like me. They have separate circles created for family/friends/acquaintances/plus circles that you create for other interests such as professional communities, etc. I'm curious to see how its going to play against Facebook.
What's your preference Facebook or Google +? Any My Space Users?


  1. I have to figure out Google + when I get back from Montana. I am not liking FB at all. Way too busy.

  2. I use facebook because it suits me. If it finished tomorrow, it wouldn't bother me. It's just a thing. Myspace? Clunky and old fashioned. Google+? Can't be bothered getting involved. Life is too short to worry about networking

  3. Technically, I'm on all three though at the moment I use Facebook the most as it suits my purposes best.

    As more people move to Google + I'll probably use it more.