Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vegans and Sex Offenders

Have you been following the ex-Ohio teacher convicted in a student sex case?

Here's a quote I saw online from the Associated Press:
"Earlier testimony from a defense psychologist indicated that Schuler's medical and physical ailments combined with her vegan diet and use of alcohol and an antidepressant were a "perfect storm" that impaired her ability to tell right from wrong."

Say what?

I understand the use of alcohol and antidepressants but they lost me on vegan diets. What does being a vegan have to do with being a sex offender? This one's a head scratcher for me.
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  1. She did it because she's a vegan? Now that is one for the books!

  2. Well clearly the lack of meat affects you sexually and you turn into a vegan eating, despotic sex fiend. Pyschologists - wankers with more issue than the rest of us but they're smarter because they make money out of it.

  3. Julia, yeah I thought so.

    Thanks for explaining, Amarinda. Now it makes sense. grin.