Thursday, October 4, 2012

Curtail Baby Formula and Soft Drinks, Really?

Back in the day, I was a smoker, a heavy smoker let me add. So if I could quit, anyone can. But I digress. You're probably wondering what smoking has to do with carbonated drinks and baby formula.  I'm getting to it. At that point in time, they'd started running serious anti-smoking ads mainly by trying to lay guilt trips on smokers. Every time I saw one I'd light up. So I'm not certain how worthwhile New York's approach to breast feeding and limiting soda intake is.
If I was a pregnant woman in New York right now, I'd be packing my bags.If I was a heavy soda drinker, yup, I'd be heading elsewhere.
It goes without saying soda isn't good for you, especially if like 90% of the populace you're fighting waistline spread. And mother's milk good for babies? You betcha.  But for me it still comes down to choice. Especially breast feeding. That's pretty personal.  I feel strongly that it should be a mother's choice.
My understanding is if a mom wants formula for her baby she'll have to listen to a lecture first on the benefits of breastfeeding. Hmm, I can't think after hours spent in labor too many moms are going to be thrilled about that.
Granted, they aren't doing away with the large amounts of soda or breast feeding, just drawing attention to those that want the big soda or are more comfortable with formula. I wonder what's next, zeroing in on the healthiest means of birth control?


  1. I believe it all comes down to the strength of your will and convictions. Only the weak get swayed by others pereceptions of what should be.

  2. You know, I am 100% behind breast feeding if you can do it. But to be forced to breast feed? Or guilted into it? What about working moms? It's crazy.
    And believe me, parents are the people who should be limiting soda intake, not the government.

  3. Amarinda, How are you? I don't disagree with that. But I don't think the mayor should have the option of putting people in that position.

    I completely agree. Those aren't the kind of choices that need to be made by government officials. Especially breast feeding.

  4. I'm all for breastfeeding too. I wanted to but ran into issues and then lost my milk before I could try again. I cried and cried, because obviously I wanted "the best" for my baby. Despite that, my kiddo is a healthy ox. LOL
    But it's hard enough to be mom, so the city shouldn't shame a woman into doing something she might not want to or feel comfortable with.

    As far as soda, I think they should stop the ads and just do what they did with cigarettes and raise the price. If they really want it, they'll pay and if it hurts their pocketbook then maybe they;ll cut down or eliminate it.