Monday, October 22, 2012

Psychology of The Sleep Position

Have y'all been reading about this? Apparently the way we sleep, echoes our personality.
The research was done by Professor Chris Idzikowski. Here are the results:
The Fetal Position ( legs drawn up, arms wrapped around a pillow): Sensitive and shy
Starfish (lying on back with arms and legs stretched out): Good listeners, unassuming, offer help to folks in need
Log (Sleep on your side with your legs stretched out arms down): Easy to get along with
Yearner (sleep on a your side with your arms out): Tend to be suspicious
Soldier (flat on back, arms at side): Reserved and quiet
Freefall(lying on tummy,  head to the side) Outgoing, but don't care for criticism. But then who does?
Hmm, what do you think? Do any of these fit you?


  1. Yes, I read this but I'm not sure anything in the article is accurate.

  2. I hear ya.
    Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Julia. Here's hoping the yellow jackets are gone soon.