Friday, July 26, 2013

Have a Wonderful Weekend

I have a release date: Nov 28, 2013. 
Gutsy, kick-ass Suzanne James has no intention of complicating her life by falling in love…especially with a vampire. But it’s hard to stay objective when a drop-dead, gorgeous male rescues her from three assailants in a dark alley. All but unconscious, she could swear her hero has glowing red eyes and two, sharp-pointed teeth.
Adrian Caine has spent the past hundred years—in vampire parlance—a vegetarian.  When he rescues a beautiful blonde in a dark alley, it takes all of his formidable control not to backslide.
A Pragmatist. A Vampire. Peril and Lust. It’s a mix to die for.

Did you see the pic of Kevin Costner walking around New Orleans? Grin. Poor buddy. Here's the link if you didn't: 

And another too cute video.


Shelley Munro said...

Congrats on the release date. I love the sound of your book.

The cat/duckling video is so cute.

Have a fun weekend, too.

Travel Gourmande said...

Intriguing story, congrats and all the best to your upcoming book release. So sweet of the cat and duck. I just looked up the photo link..haha maybe he just had lunch? :)

Dana said...

Best of luck with your book. It sounds great!

Poor, poor Kevin Costner. LOL

Have a great weekend. ☺

CJ Kennedy said...

Congrats on your book.

DEZMOND said...

awwwww, little duckies!

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Shelley:)

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Arni. Yeah, maybe it was lunch....wink wink.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi, Dana. Thanks! Yeah, poor bud. grin,

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, CJ.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Dez, I love baby ducks.

Pat Hatt said...

wow the cat fed and not ate, that is new. Congrats on the release too!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Pat, Cats are great moms.