Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Cat-ichism

The American Bobtail is one of the few cats that doesn't have a long tail to chase.
This beautiful creature is reminiscent of his wild counterpart. But unlike the bobcat these lovely creatures are people-pleasers. They love nothing better than belonging to a loving family. They are gentle which makes them good kitties for a family that has children or dogs.
This cat is known for its intelligence, adaptability and dog-like traits which include walking on a leash and playing fetch. Ladies, watch your jewelry. They love shiny objects and if an opportunity arises, they are likely to 'borrow' it. They are friendly with strangers and have no problems at all being the family's 'door greeter'.
This versatile kitty has been used to keep truck drivers company on long hauls and also as a therapy cat.
Bobtails get their name from the length of their tails which are anywhere from one to four inches long. They are a stocky-built, medium to large-sized cat. You can find bobtails that are short-haired and bobtails with medium-lengthed fur. Their coat is water resistant and on the thick side. Their feet are large and round. These kitties take two to three years to reach maturity.
The tale in the cat world is that this fascinating feline was the product of a domestic tabby, wooed by a bobcat. True or false its an interesting theory.
Don't forget, if you want to add an American Bobtail to your family, think about saving a life and adopting. Check your local rescue or

Happy Weekend.