Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why, When and Will

1. Why do some books sell better at Barnes and Noble than Amazon and vice - versa?

2. Why was the government allowed to shut down the country without being held accountable?

3. When is lab grown meat going to be available? (Okay, I know those of you who are meat eaters really don't care about this one:)

4. When will there be an Alzheimer's break through? (Hope they hurry on this one, my memory's not getting any better.)

5. Why don't we ban together and boycott over-priced, stale popcorn at the theater?

6.  Why is Monday the first day of the week. It's a nasty day. Why not start with Tuesday?

7. Why do CEO's get raises when there's 'no money' for the laborers?

8. When is the car that can be programmed to drive itself going to be available for sale? Will we be able to afford it?

9.Why do some people call you while they're using the facilities?

What's on your why and when list?

Why Moms Yell


  1. Sadly many of your why's and when's will probably never be answered.

    A where

    When you have to pee and suddenly don't have to, where does it go?

  2. Heh heh. Another question for the ages:)

  3. Why doesn't my house clean itself?

    Happy Thursday. ☺

  4. Good list! I wish I knew why, too!

  5. Hi Sherry. Yeah, I'm afraid Pat's right though. We'll probably never get answers.