Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wrapping It Up

Okay, I'm going to wrap up blogging about the conference. I imagine you're ready for a change of topic. grin.

First off, was great to have no responsibilities except getting myself to the conference. No cats. No dog. No day job. No writing. Just eating, sleeping and going to workshops. Ah......

There were very few speakers that didn't mention the fact that there's a large difference between police work and the Hollywood version. Since I've heard the BLET instructors where I work gripe about the very same thing, can't say's I'm surprised.

The banquet speaker was Chris Reich author of Numbered Account, The Patriots Club and Rules of Betrayal. Fascinating man. He went from being a swiss banker to a writer and a quite successful one I might add. He sold his first book for 750K. Where oh where did I go wrong:)
He's friends with James Patterson and worked on the television pilot The Diplomat. The consultant for the program was General Tommy Franks. Needless to say he had some pretty good stories to share:)

All meals had vegetarian options. YAY. This may not seem like a big deal to the carnivores:) out there but trust me, its great if you're a vegetarian:)

Last but not least I got to meet and hang with on line pal Sherry Morris. (Pic above)

So what were you doing while I was gone?


  1. How fun! I envy you a good nights' sleep!

  2. I have just finished finalizing the menu for a major conference and I made damn sure there is vegetarian food. No, I'm not one but everyone has a right to act as their conscience dictates

  3. For all the vegetarians out there, we thank you.
    And what ever they're paying you to put this on, I'm not sure its enough.