Monday, May 30, 2011

Manic Monday and Poll and Memorial Day

Manic Monday

As soon as you set down for a cup of coffee your boss will ask you to do something until the coffee is cold. Author Unknown


Please help me out. I've just finished the third in the Hunters' Series and I'm torn between two names. This is Zoe's book, so I had planned to go with Vampire Bay, but I also like Dere's Curse. Of the two titles which would you be most likely to pick up? If you've got a moment would you vote in the poll at the right. Thanks!


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They are all gone into the world of light

And I alone sit lingering here;
Their very memory is fair and bright

And my sad thoughts doth clear
~Henry Vaughan, from Silex Scintillans 'They Are All Gone'

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