Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Turns You On?

What turns you on and what turns you off...a book.
So what did you think I was talking about? grin.
For me I like a story that pulls me right into the world the author has created. I like suspense, the paranormal and romance that is strong but doesn't smother the story line.
I was reading a romantic suspense by a successful author yesterday. It had a good plot, but when the hero asked the heroine in casual conversation, "Do you know how f...able you are? I want to f you," it pretty much took me out of the scene. This is supposed to make the heroine's heart go pitter-patter? Oh please. Don't misunderstand me, there is a time and place for the f word in stories. Today its pretty much a language staple. This just wasn't one of them. Its definitely a necessity in erotica. JD Robb's Eve Dallas character uses it with regularity and it works because its exactly what this tough-edged woman would say. I have no problem with using it when it's a natural delivery. This wasn't one of those times for me. It felt like 'okay its time to throw out something titillating in the conversation. Hmm, lets tell the heroine she's f--able. It just didn't work for me.
Well, I've vented long enough about two little sentences. What about you? What pulls you in? What turns you off?
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Unknown said...

Quirky, strong characters pull me in. Turn offs...whiny-arsed heroines

Rhobin said...

That would have pulled me out of the story, too. Like you say, there is a time and place.

There is something icky about the hero telling the heroine all she is worth is a f... While I don't believe in waiting for Prince Charming, I want to believe the hero loves the heroine for more than just sex (important, yes, but there is so much more.)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I could probably deal with the 'f' word, depending upon context. The minute a heroine acts TSTL, I'm gone. There are certain words involving sex that do cause me to toss a book, tho.

anny cook said...

I would have put the book down right then. As you know since you've read one or two of my books, I can deal with the "f" word. But puh-lease. Have some class. That had no class.

That's exactly the thing that would just turn me off.