Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Confessions of a Drawer Clutterer

Are you a drawer clutterer? Okay, this word probably isn't recognized by Webster, but if not I'll ask Amarinda Jones to put it in the Amarinda Dictionary.
Anyway, back to my question, are you a Drawer Clutterer? I'm horrible and if possible the hh is worse
Here's a Drawer Clutterer's dilemma: You can't find a place for...something...and unsure whether to keep it because you never know when you'll need it--though you probably won't--so..... you stick it in the first available drawer.
I look for my drawers to go on strike any day now. Since we've put our house on the market, I've been going through drawers, trying to relieve clutter and streamline. OMG. Its quite scary. And trying to get rid of anything gives me a headache. Many items elude my decision making process. Do I keep it? Do I put it in Goodwill? Do I trash it? Okay I don't use it, but it has sentimental value. But does it have enough sentimental value that I want to box it and later unpack it? And on it goes. I'm caught in the throes of my inability to make a decision.
What about you? Are you a drawer clutterer or do you deal quickly and ruthlessly with clutter?

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Unknown said...

I have indeed mastered the art of clutteresque - everything has a place so let's shove it in there I say until I can work out where it should go.

Sandra Cox said...

Yes, that's my theory. Only problem is I forget about it before I figure out where it should go:) On the upside, I found $8.00 while decluttering;)

Sandra Cox said...

PS Clutteresque-I like it.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. I clutter drawers - clean them out every few months - but hubby is worse than me. Sigh. Hopeless.

Sandra Cox said...

Cleaning out every few months: good.
Cleaning out every few years: not so good:)

Shelley Munro said...

Oh, yes. You just described me to a T. My hubby is the opposite. He's always tidying things up, which drives me crazy. I can't find anything!

Sandra Cox said...

Welcome back, Shel. Are you recharged?