Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glasses, Self Perception and Insurance

I went for an eye exam and ordered new glasses last week. While I was looking at frames, the technician told me, the pair I was looking at worked because I had a small face. My mental response. I do?
Why is it, the perceptions we have of our self is usually different from the way others perceive us? I look in the mirror and I see an extra five pounds that no one else seems to see. Hmm...maybe they didn't just get new glasses or have that eye exam like I did:)

Another eye opener (no pun intended, well maybe just a small one) was the cost. If I hadn't had insurance I would have been cooked. As it was, with insurance picking up the majority of it, I was still left with a few hundred dollars to pay. I was stunned. I did get extras that weren't covered by insurance or only partially and they quickly added up, transition lenses, a coating to prevent glare, and yes my frames were past the minimum. But it begs the question, what do folks do that don't have insurance? Okay that was a rhetorical question, they don't go to a doctor because they can't afford it.
For whatever reason, socialism is a bad word in our country.
When it comes to healthcare, I'm a huge proponent of socialism. Why shouldn't every American have the luxury of going to a doctor when they're sick? Or need glasses? And why should it be a luxury? And the biggest question of all, will it ever change?


Maria D. said...

My only problem with socialization of medicine is that it often doesn't work to benefit those it really needs to, it becomes a government behemoth and most of the money ends up being spent on the maintenance of the system instead of taking care of the patients. In socialized medicine you would not have been able to get the little extra's you got with your glasses and the frame selection would have been ...let's just say less than what you would have least that's what I've seen so far.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Maria,
You're right. That's certainly the downside. And I would want my upgraded glasses:) grin. There's just no perfect solution, but we need to find a way to make it available to all Americans.And going to the dentist....Yikes.
Thanks for commenting;0

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Nothing is perfect - medicine is a mess right now. Something has to be done, but the situation is complex and there are no easy solutions.
You have a small face? I think you're petite!

Sandra Cox said...

Thank you Julia:)

You bettcha. I wonder if something on the order of the government pays the baseline and if a person wanted above and beyond, he/she picks ups the tab would work.

Unknown said...

I totally believe in socialized medicine and we have it in Australia. As for faces - why can't people just say 'those glasses look great on you' - no need to clarify.

Sandra Cox said...

So,Amarinda, how does the socialized medicine work? I'm really curious about it. I do believe everyone should be entitled to healthy care.