Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still Obsessing On Mary Sue-isms

I'm fascinated with the Mary Sue thing: 'too perfect, a poorly developed character and lacking in realism.' So I decided to make a list of how the literary Mary Sue and I differ, at least as far as perfection. So to name a few:
1. I never think of clever comebacks till the wee-hours of the night
2. I obsess
3. I'm not a quick learner
4. Coordination isn't my strong suit
5. Without my glasses my vision is closer to 200 than 20
6. I'm not good at letting things go
7. Alas, I have thin hair
8. I don't do well before my morning cup of coffee or ten
9. I'm seldom on time unless its absolutely necessary
10. I have no sense of direction. If I say go right, it would be in your best interest to turn left.The GPS is right up there with chocolate as far as I'm concerned.
11. I have problems making decisions and when I do finally make them, usually change my mind

Okay what about you? What keeps you from being a MarySue or a Gary Stu?


Unknown said...

I don't need to justify my uniqueness and frankly Mary-Sue would probably prefer to be more like me...

Sandra Cox said...

No doubt about it.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hmmm...I cuss a lot. An awful lot.

Sandra Cox said...

Huh, who'd a thought? grin.
Actually, that one probably should have been on my list too:)