Monday, November 26, 2012

California Spangled, A Conservation Cat

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We took the easy way out and went out to eat. Turned out to be serendipity since I was sick the two days before.
We were heading for Breaking Dawn when I heard a cat crying. Since we have five cats, I hear cats crying all the time, including in my sleep, so it took me a minute to react. When I did, did I remain calm, cool and collected? Of course not. "I hear a cat. I hear a cat," I start yelling, panicked that a cat had gotten under the hood and was in danger. So the hubby pulls over and says, "Check the trunk."
I hop out, pop the trunk and there's Faux Paw. She'd hopped in at some point while the hubby was unloading groceries. We turned around, deposited the reluctant traveler at home and headed out again.
I'm blogging today at Nightwriters on California Spangled Cats. These guys are pretty interesting. They were developed to aid the conservation effort for leopards.
Have a painless Monday


CJ Kennedy said...

Cute name for your kitty. Did you make it to the movie on time?

Shelley Munro said...

I bet she regretted her curiosity!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey, CJ, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we did.

Hi, Shel. No doubt.grin.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you heard her - and I know what you mean. I can hear a cat from miles away!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Ms. Julia, Yeah, it was a good thing I was in the car. The hubby has a hearing problem and never did hear her.