Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fancy Feast Cat

Recognize this kitty?
The Sis has been getting me Fancy Feast Cat Christmas collectibles for years.  Recently, she got her picture taken with one of the Fancy Feast Cats. (As you've probably figured out there's more than one.) Since the company she works for makes pet food, she gets to meet a lot of the celebs in the animal world. Isn't this ball of fluff gorgeous? I had to really study the picture. It looked so perfect, I thought it was a stuffed animal. The Fancy Feast Cats used in commercials that are made in the US, South Africa, Europe or Japan are silver chinchilla Persians. The Fancy Feast kitties that are filmed in Australia are Tiffanies or Burmilla Longhairs.
And that's your cat trivia for the day.

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