Monday, September 23, 2013

You Lost What?

The HH and I went in Friday night to pick up the vacuum cleaner we'd left to get cleaned last weekend. The manager told me, he had one in the back he'd forgotten to tag and he hoped it was mine. Gosh me too. He brings it out, do I recognize it? Nope. At least not the outside. I swear, I don't remember mine having a blue strip on the bag. Now the half-filled charcoal bag on the inside looked familiar.And the HH recognized the aromatic scent of dirty carpet. That was one of the reasons we took it in, to get the bag holder cleaned. But since the carpets had been without any TLC for a week, I didn't dare leave it another week. So still with ownership in question we decided to take it. The manager changed out the beater bar, tightened the belt and we brought it home. I'm still not convinced its mine, but that baby runs like a race horse. It practically pulls me across the carpet. But enough about vacuum cleaners. How was your weekend, my friends? There's no such thing as a bad one, right?

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Hope your Monday is quick and painless.

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Shelley Munro said...

You could always bring your racehorse vacuum cleaner over to visit me. I dislike vacuuming very much!

We did lots of family type stuff and the grocery shopping, which we haven't done for a while.

CJ Kennedy said...

Was a perfect weekend, just not long enough

Jennifer Shirk said...

My weekend was productive--did a lot of house organizing. And went to dinner with friends one night too. :)

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Shelley, You need one of those robotic vacuum cleaners.

Sandra Cox said...

CJ, I love perfect weekends:)

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Jennifer,
You had the best of both worlds, you got something accomplished and went out with friends.

Pat Hatt said...

Lazy weekend for me, and hey if it works it's yours haha

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Pat, Good point:)
Lazy weekends are the best kind.

Stacy McKitrick said...

I rarely use my vacuum, so I'm sure I wouldn't recognize it in a line-up, either. Haha! At least you got one that works. That's what matters. Who cares if it wasn't yours to begin with?

I had a nice weekend. After getting soaked at a HS football game Friday night (not really fun, but our team won), I got to ride my bike on Saturday (gorgeous day). Went 15 miles! Sunday was quiet - just the way they should be.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Maybe the stripe had been covered with dust for years? I doubt I'd recognize my vacuum!
Good luck with your giveaway!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Stacy, Sounds like a good weekend. 15 miles! Wow!

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Julia, Dust on my vacuum cleaner??? Yeah, its possible. grin.
Thanks for the good wishes.