Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catching Fire

When I started reading Hunger Games it was impossible to put down. So I decided to wait till this weekend to buy Catching Fire. Then I decided not to buy it this weekend because I had too much to do and I wouldn't get anything done. That decision lasted right up till Friday night when we went to Target where I just happened to stroll down the book aisle. Even if they had Catching Fire, it didn't mean I had to buy it.
I scanned the shelf. They had it.
As I picked it up and carried it to the checkout, I reminded myself I didn't have to read it this weekend. I'd just have it on hand to read when I had more time. I stuck to that decision through Friday night.
Today, I decided I'd just take one little peak. I could put it down after one chapter.
It's ten p.m. and I've just finished reading about Katniss's unending struggle to protect the people she loves.
But I'm not going to buy least till next weekend.