Tuesday, August 9, 2011

E-Readers Versus Tablets Versus Paper

I decided to attend the Police Academy for Writers this year. You get a huge discount if you're a member of Sisters In Crime. So I joined. One of the benefits of the membership is a newsletter they put out, SinC, filled with great information on what's going on in the writing industry. One particular article caught my eye on tablet sales versus E-Reader sales.
The predictions I've heard are that tablets will make E-Readers obsolete, which made sense to me giving the techie world we live in and the daily changes being made to it. But according to the article it seems that's not the case, at least yet. E-Reader sales surpassed tablet sales this year. Personally, I feel cost plays a large role in this. You can pick up a reader for about a sixth of the cost of a tablet.
Six percent of readers owned e-book readers last year. This year its up to twelve percent.
Even though more of my books are in e than paper I read a lot of paperbacks and wasn't sure how I'd transition toan e device. I was fortunate enough to win a Kindle at the Romanticon Conference and I absolutely love it. I find trying to read stories off a computer to be cumbersome but the hand helds are light weight and user friendly. If you haven't transitioned over, I recommend it. There's room for both paper and e in the world of a reader.


Unknown said...

I rarely have time to read a book any more but when I do it's a paper one. I would consider getting a tablet though

Kristin said...

If money weren't a consideration, I would buy a tablet tomorrow. Barring me winning the lottery, that isn't going to happen. So, I am hoping to acquire an e-reader soon...and I'd love to read one of your ebooks on it...maybe one from the Vampire Bay Contest.

cruzowlpost at att dot net

Sandra Cox said...

Kristin, isn't that the truth. Gottcha entered!

crazycatlady58 said...

I had a kindle and then my husband won a nook it is so much easier to read for me anyway. I liked the kindle better only because it was easier to find books. Books are the best way to escape reality at least for a little while.

Sandra Cox said...

Cat Lady,I agree completely. Books are a wonderful way to escape into another world.

Amarinda, a tablet would be very nice. Let me know if you get one and how you like it.